What Savvy Said is a wellness, lifestyle, and travel blog, by Savannah Cyree. With over 16.5k followers, Savannah inspires and helps women with recipes, travel tips, book and dining suggestions, style trends, shopping links, hacks, discounts, and so much more. I am a personal fan of this blog because of how informative it is and how much easier it makes my life! Savannah and I served on the Worship Arts team together and became good friends. She came to me in need of a full rebranding from her previous blog Sav & Savory, because she wanted to dive into other topics she was passionate about. Fun fact: I inspired the new name because I would always joke and say “What Would Savannah Do,” or, “#WWSD,” every time I would turn to her for lifestyle advice. Savannah wanted an element to her logo that could stand apart, and loved the idea of a feather. The fun thing about logos is, it really doesn’t have to be a direct correlation to what your business is about. What happens when you develop a good brand and stay consistent with it, is your visual branding begins to become a part of what you do and your audience will begin to associate those things with you. Savannah was not writing about birds, but the feather was something she was very fond of, and now when her followers see her feather with or without the “S,” pop up, they know it’s her. THAT is the goal. My favorite part about this project is how Savannah took the tools I provided her with and hit the ground running. She uses her icons in all of her social media. Her friend Blair (www.blairwinders.com) helped her develop her website, and together they did such an amazing job at staying consistent with the brand we developed. Check out Savannah’s blog at www.whatsavvysaid.com.