tEAM mvp



Team MVP is a Real Estate team consisting of four Realtors of Beachy Beach Real Estate. Lee Ann came to me with the vision of having a team logo that was in-line with their current Beachy Beach branding (done by Aaron Rich Marketing), but had their own individuality and encompassed her love of sports. In addition to being a Real Estate superstar, Lee Ann is a Sports Writer for the MVP Magazine, a Guest Host 104.3 ESPN Panama City radio station, and the Owner of her personal blog A Coach’s Daughter, so it was only fitting that her team name incorporated sports. Lee Ann loved the idea of the old-school varsity look, so we stuck with a vintage font. Of course, I wanted to work in some football, so I incorporated football threads in her sub logos. This project was significant to me because Beachy Beach Real Estate was my college internship where I started to dip my toes in the creative side of Public Relations and Marketing. To have that come around full circle and to be able to continue to work with Beachy Beach Real Estate years down the road in my own career is so neat. Lee Ann was a pleasure to work with because she was so focused on her vision and she was so detail-oriented, which detail-nerds like me love. Beachy Beach Real Estate has done an exceptional job at their own branding over the years, and their branding success inspires me all of the time. To learn more about Team MVP, visit their Facebook @BeachyBeachRealtor.