Pancare of Florida, Inc.


Annual Report


PanCare of Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Panama City, Florida that operates Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Bay, Calhoun, Franklin, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, Walton and Washington counties to primarily serve people on Medicaid, Medicare, and those who are uninsured on a sliding scale. I began working on this project when a friend at BAYSOLUTIONS, who had partnered with PanCare of Florida, asked me to create this Annual Report for them. In the past, PanCare had been assembling their annual reports in Microsoft Word (Gasp!) and it was filled with outdated charts and content all over the place. The annual report seemed more like a small magazine to me, so my first goal was to structure it like one, where content was organized in a way that made sense to the reader. I restructured the entire brochure and added features such as a Table of Contents, About Us, and more. My next step was to lock those outdated charts up and throw away the key, so I created more modern, custom charts and graphics that helped communicate the statistics in a better way (there were a lot of numbers). Overall, this report made such a transformation, and I am excited to continue working with PanCare and BAYSOLUTIONS in the years to come. For more information about PanCare of Florida, visit