Mirror Image Athletics is a local gym in Panama City, FL, whose mission is to be a group of coaches and peers who try to better themselves and everyone they come in contact with through fitness and nutrition. Although their gym is heavily focused on CrossFit, they are a health, fitness, and overall wellness program. Jake, the owner, came to me in need of a full rebrand for the gym. Formerly named Mirror Image CrossFit, the gym had evolved into much more than that and Jake wanted a rebranding to show that. The first step was to change the name. The next step was to freshen up their look with a clean and consistent visual brand (see old logo below) that included a logo element that could stand alone, and the final step was to develop a new website that encompassed everything in the rebrand. One thing about this project that I loved was embracing what made this gym unique and incorporating that into the website. Jake is very involved with his fur-children Otis and Charlotte, and his gym is very dog-friendly, so I wanted to celebrate that by making many references to puppies throughout his site (which was a huge hit!) Another thing that makes Mirror Image so preferable is the lighthearted, come-as-you-are environment. This gym is less about drilling fitness into you and more about having fun with it, so I wanted to keep a very sarcastic and fun tone throughout the website. After the rebranding was done, Jake would have new members come in and jokingly say, “We just came for the dogs,” or, “I love how your website felt like we were having a conversation.” This rebranding was a true testament to how embracing what makes your business your business can both attract the clientele you want and make your business stand out among the rest. Check out their website at www.mirrorimagecrossfit.com.



Fun | Sarcastic | Playful | Conversational | Clean | Bold | All-Encompassing | Motivated | Welcoming



Old Logo (Before Rebrand)