Martin Brothers CPA



Martin Brothers is a CPA firm in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. I was connected with owner Richard through a former client of mine, as Richard was looking for a fresh rebrand that visually represented his company better. When analyzing Richard’s Branding Workbook, inspiration photos, and client testimonial, I kept landing on the words “raw” & “authentic.” I felt that when people thought of Richard’s business and him as a business owner, they thought that he was authentic and transparent. His inspiration photos were in line with that as well—a lot of natural elements, the sky, and timeless & clean elements such as tuxedos and architecture. Originally, Richard was set on his logo being all text, but I wanted to go beyond and present him with some sophisticated layers to it without it being too much. You can see that the final logo element he chose was an M & B stripped down and combined to look like one letter at first glance.



Approachable | Casual | Honest | Professional | Personable | Ethical | Supportive | Helpful | Timely



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