Manthey Family + Pure 7 Studios Christmas Cards



When Erica Manthey with Pure 7 Studios reached out to me, she was looking to do something unique for their Christmas cards, with a specific request of not wanting it to look like anyone else's ordered from Minted. Erica had two dilemmas—in the past, they had always done something funny, but she was torn because her (insanely gorgeous) family just had their own professional photos taken and she wanted to show them off. She also didn't know how she'd be able to top her past years and was drawing a blank creatively with what she wanted to do. What she did have, however, was this gem of an old-school photo that was taken during their family trip per her daughter's request, and obviously her boys' worst nightmare, as evident in their faces. My immediate thought when seeing these two contrasting photos was a mullet—okay, not technically the mullet itself, but the phrase we all know and love to quote, "Business in the front, party in the back." When I told Erica about this she said, "Let's DO IT." And that is what we did! I love when clients are willing to roll with the fun stuff!




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