Life With Liv



Life With Liv is the brand of one of my very best friends, Olivia. Olivia is 26 and lives (and thrives, might I add) with two autoimmune disorders, Multiple Sclerosis and Type One Diabetes. I'll never forget the first time we had a sleepover at Olivia's house when we were younger, and I saw an abnormal amount of Juicy Juice boxes in her bedroom trashcan. My first words were, "Wow, you must really like Juicy Juices," only for her to laugh hysterically and tell me it was for her diabetes. The truth is, Liv never made a big deal out of her autoimmune disorder as kids, and never made it a big deal later in life when she was diagnosed with MS. It certainly never stopped her from accomplishing in her career, or discouraged her in her personal life—and that is what Life With Liv is all about. With "Life With Liv," Olivia hopes to become a public speaker focused on encouraging others facing adversity to know that they are equipped by using her own personal experience and testimony of resiliency. I'm so excited to have been a part of this branding for such an amazing friend of mine, and I can't wait to see where Life With Liv takes her.

For her visual branding, you can see in her Brand Board that Olivia was very drawn to pink tones, sassy but clean aesthetic, and lots of floral notes. With some of her adjectives being "Joyful,” "Sassy," and "Full of Life," I felt pink was a no-brainer because it really captures the true spunk in Olivia's personality.



Joyful | Sassy | Positive | Entertaining | Real | Full of Life | Encouraging | Empowering | Equipping