Just Wright Photos



Just Wright Photos is a photography business located in Panama City, FL, ran by Kelly Wright. After getting to know Kelly and JWP, the words that I would use to describe them are Raw and Authentic—Kelly’s approach is transparent, she gravitates towards the realness of life even in her professional voice, and that is what sets her and her business apart so much. All of the verbiage in her Branding Workbook was very to the point and was filled out with such clarity—she knows exactly who JWP is as a company and what they exist for, and that is such a great thing. It also makes my job easy because I immediately caught the vibe of her business. I narrowed her adjectives from her Branding Workbook down to those listed below. All of her inspirational photos reflected exactly that and helped pull the visual theme together even more. Everything about JWP’s brand made me think of the ocean, so I chose a brush script for the main font because I wanted it to feel like the tide fading out. The main color scheme is pulled from vibrant teals that Kelly loved. I kept the primary font all lowercase because it helped portray the relaxed vibe, and I paired it with a smaller uppercase font for contrast. This concept felt very natural, raw, and relaxed, and the plus side of it was that we were able to incorporate watercolor textures to her website at justwrightphotos.com without it being too busy.



Raw/Real | Fun/Playful | Relaxed | Natural | Relatable | Emotional | Bright/Vibrant