Highway Ten Photography



After getting to know Highway Ten Photography & owner Kate, I really felt like the branding had such a nostalgic feel to it. Kate was raised on a farm in Colorado off of Highway Ten, and her family farm has been in business for a century now. Learning about the meaning behind “Highway Ten" and hearing all of her stories about all of the different aspects of her family’s farm was such a creativity booster for me—I had so much inspiration to draw from. Overall, if I could sum up the vibe I get from Highway Ten's branding, it would be one that is based on a timeless foundation, hard work, and honest living. It has a come-as-you-are approach to it and a hospitality that feels like, if their branding was a person, it would welcome people in their home, feed them, and relish in their company for hours (this is how my mind works—nerdy, I know).

Because of how personal Highway Ten's branding felt, I really wanted to make the logo element personal to Kate and her childhood and something that could be found around Highway Ten in her family’s fields. Kate loved greenery elements, so I traced the greenery from Alfalfa and took it a step further by tracing a piece of Winter Wheat, both of which you can see when you look in the fields of her childhood farm. I love when a client has such a heartfelt connection to their brand's name—it's so rewarding to be able to include personal details in their visual branding that takes them back to their favorite childhood memories.



Hardworking | Honest | Loving | Kind | Genuine | Sincere | Reliable | Timeless | Nostalgic