Graceful Pieces



Graceful Pieces is a personalized boutique owned by a dear friend of mine Keri. After getting to know Keri's business, I found their overall theme to be 4 C's—Cozy, Casual, Comfy, and Classic (fun how that worked out). I wanted this branding to feel like a warm cup of coffee on a cold day, so we used both cool and warm hues of dusty blues, warm rust, and cozy neutrals. For the logo element, Keri admired the gracefulness of dragonflies, so I pulled inspiration from jewelry pieces, artwork, and more. I intentionally designed the element to be imperfect with rough edges because I wanted it to convey the "Come As You Are" approach to the boutique's foundation and their emphasis on comfort, encouragement, and celebrating what makes every woman unique and beautiful. I absolutely love working with Keri. She is so passionate and intentional with her every move, and I was grateful to be a part of her leap of faith with her own boutique.



Encouraged | Confident | Comfortable | Modest | Graceful | Faithful | Charming | Unique | Inviting