I’m sure you already have guessed that we took a stab at our own branding. When trying to decide a name for the business, I asked myself, “What are the things that I love?,” and “What values do I want my business to have?” I listed the two Golden Retrievers of mine (our fur-family has proudly grown by one English Mastiff since then), and the one thing that I knew would be at the core of my business— I would treat other businesses how I would want my business to be treated. Thus, the name Good Golden Creative Co. was born—a play on my Golden Retrievers and the Golden Rule. Then, I decided to make a big golden dog with an eclectic-patterned collar carrying a leaf in its mouth my logo element, because why not? That is what makes my business unique and I believe we should all embrace that. Interestingly enough, this was the longest and hardest logo I have ever done. Not for the difficulty, but for the fact that I was so attached to it. I ended up taking the exact steps that I give all of my clients in our branding workbook, and only after that was I able to complete my branding. That is why those steps are so important. I will always understand the feeling of frustration of choosing a logo that will represent your business, and that is why I will always treat your business with the care that I treat my own. View the website at—well, you’re here. You get it.



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