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Craig Duran is a top Real Estate producer in the Panama City Beach & 30A area and was looking to re-brand his Real Estate team with Berkshire Hathaway. Throughout the process, I learned that what sets his group apart is the approach—it’s strategic, high-tech, multilayered, and yet somehow all simplified into one stress-free process for their clients. With that being said, I wanted to keep their logo the same—very modern in design, yet still very simple and clean, just as their approach to Real Estate was. Craig and his Marketing Manager Jacob have been so incredible to work with. They are driven, forward-thinking, and very passionate about carrying on their brand in a cohesive way. I am so glad to have been a part of their re-branding and am happy to continue working with them for other marketing projects. One of my favorite things was Craig’s comment about the mailers we worked together on when he said "I have had custom work done for mailings in the past but in 16 years, I don't think I have ever been as proud to send something as I am of what we are working on here." SIXTEEN YEARS! That is the power of branding, my friends. That is what makes my job so rewarding!



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