Arkaios Wellness



Arkaios Wellness is an alternative and holistic health & wellness coaching service residing in Tampa, Florida, that helps its clients find both freedom from food and a life of vitality. Brianna, the owner, is a native to Panama City, Florida, and a life-long friend of mine who has always had a passion for food; however, that passion was not always a healthy passion (I can say this because I was always by her side on many ice cream and junk food runs). She sought out on her own health journey in 2013 and ended up finding a life of freedom from food and a passion to help others find the same thing. Brianna came to me in need of a brand so that she could legitimize her company and take it to the next level with networking for and marketing her business. I decided to go with a hand drawn leaf with exposed roots because I felt it really symbolized the meaning of her company—roots represent a deep foundation and I wanted to show the “growth” process in one element, not to mention Arkaios means “new beginnings,” and you must always start with a seed. This has been my favorite completed logo to this day, and I am so happy to have brought a life-long friend’s vision to life for her career.



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