APEX Web Solutions



APEX Web Solutions is a web design company based in the Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and 30a area, that helps business owners grow online using dynamic, data-driven strategies designed to fit uniquely their business. After I spoke on a branding panel for TuesdaysTogether of the Emerald Coast, Jonathan came to me in need of a full rebranding. Like many ambitious entrepreneurs first starting their business, Jonathan settled on a logo that didn’t really fit his company—in fact, he even found another business’ logo months later that looked exactly like the one that was designed for him (yikes!). Although his business was successful, he was missing a “look” and “feel” that made him stand out among others. Most importantly, Jonathan’s current logo and website didn’t effectively communicate what he wanted his clients to feel when they encountered his branding. After learning all about his company, we did a full rebranding that was inline with everything his business stood for. Before we began the design process, Jonathan said, “I can't tell you how excited I am for this. I've been waiting over a year to find the perfect combination of timing and people to get this done and we're finally here.” It is extremely humbling to have a business owner trust you with something they are so attached to, and I’m proud to say we landed on a brand that was unique to his business that he is proud to call his. Yay!



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